Why Brokers Work with Magnolia Grove?

Our People

Magnolia Grove is built with industry veterans that know the environmental market landscape. We have built relationships with the very best brokers that know the environmental market players and they continue to come to our underwriters for their environmental product needs. Our underwriters have experience with some of the top markets in the industry, so they have built a solid knowledge base for understanding the needs and exposures of specific insureds. We also understand the service needs of the market, so we make sure that we put a focus on being available for brokers and turning things around as quickly as possible. We truly do have a relentless commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions and customer service that creates partnerships for the long term.

Our Products

Our team at Magnolia Grove has the experience and expertise to partner with brokers to provide best in class environmental insurance solutions. We have worked at some of the top environmental markets over the past 10 years, so we knew what we needed to build in our products to make sure they were best in class for the Insureds. Including all the needed coverages with the enhancements brokers require was something we knew from the start we had to include. Brokers can rely on the products we have built for general liability, contractors pollution liability, site pollution liability, products pollution liability, professional liability, and follow-form excess liability to know they are offering the very best for their clients.

Our Distribution Model

Magnolia Grove knew early on that we would limit our distribution to those brokers who we knew would have an aligned goal to strategically work together for the long term. We knew that we didn’t want to be a black hole that submissions were sent to never to return, but rather a place that a broker could send a submission and expect a quote or quick feedback. Our team has built relationships over the years so that we know who we can trust to work with us to place business. We will not just appoint anyone and everyone, so brokers don’t have to worry about the entire market having access to the program giving brokers a strategic advantage for their clients to place business with an exclusive market.

“Justin’s partnership has been crucial to my team and me for many years. His attention to detail, depth of knowledge and excellent customer service makes him a standout in this highly competitive and ever-changing insurance landscape”

Scot Fleenor
Executive Vice President at Southwest Risk
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